The Truth About “Amma Makes No Claims”

“Amma Makes No Claims”

Messianic Claims & Enforcement Of Obedience

Followers of the hugging saint are very proud to proclaim that neither Amma nor her organization make claims to her divinity. In fact, it is touted as something of a credential. Amma is so humble and makes no claims seems to be the response so often heard when the group is referred to as a cult. In the meantime, her followers worship her as a living Goddess, often as a manifestation of Krishna or Jesus Christ himself. Amma is often referred to as the embodiment of the Supreme Consciousness, a God among mere mortals, or a living manifestation of the Goddess who has descended from the heavens in order to bless the earth. During what is known as the Devi Bhava darshans, she dresses up in an ornate silk sari and sterling crown, supposedly manifesting even more of her Goddess nature.

We didn’t need to look far and wide to come across a plethora of claims of Amma’s divinity…both from Amma devotees and Amma herself. Simply reading through the testimonials of devotees in some online discussion groups shows that the claim of not making any claims is just another clever marketing strategy that her followers have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

We thought it would be best to illustrate the claims of divinity by pointing to references we found in several of Amma’s books, which are widely available for purchase and held by many devotees to be their version of a Bible. These types of claims are out there and available for all to see, so we will let them speak for themselves. The actual claims of divinity seem to be less strange than the neolithic efforts to spread the idea that Amma makes no claims. Despite the fact that the entire organization and all of its followers are running on such claims, and these claims are out for public view, it continues to be denied. Why not just be honest and announce that most of her followers believe she is God? For innocent walk-ins receiving darshan from the hugging saint, it may seem like a harmless blessing. It is however, important to note the Messianic claims and classic cult signposts regarding total obedience to a Master.

While we are not blind to the cultural and religious nuances surrounding the guru/disciple relationship, the concern is that these proclamations are denied and never discussed in the Western media. The gratuitous spreading of lies regarding Self-Realization is a different story entirely.

#1 They saw God and wanted to touch her.

#2 Quotes from Amma regarding total obedience to the guru

#3 Saadya’s observations

Amma’s Own Words:

Most recently, at a session in California, the following was announced by Amma:


“In principle, God and the Guru are the same. But we may say that the Guru is higher than God. The Guru’s grace is something unique. If the wants, he can remove the effect of God’s displeasure. But even God cannot remove the sin that comes from dishonouring the Guru .” -Amma (quoted from the ashram website)

” Devotees call this ‘Krishna,’ ‘Devi,’ …..according to their faith. Amma is none of these, and at the same time she is everything. But she is also beyond. The entire universe exists as a small bubble within her.” – Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 107)

“The more you surrender to the disciplining of the Master, with an intense feeling of love in your heart, the more you will come to know that it is your own mind that is strange, and not the Master”. -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 147)

“Unconditional obedience to Amma is what it means to really be with her.” – Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 175)

“You are just a tiny bit of iron filling which is helplessly being attracted toward the all-powerful magnet of the Masters spiritual glory”. -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 181)

“The Master chooses you in order to save you. The fact that he has chosen you should be considered as a gift, which you don’t actually deserve.” – Amma (Awaken Children, Vol VII p. 182)

“When the ego, through the Master’s grace, is perfectly under control, the disciple does everything in the Master’s name. The Master does everything through him, and he himself has no place in what he does.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol VII p. 202)

“The Master will bind you with his love and he will become the absolute center of your life. In the experience of divine, unconditional love you have nothing to say. You will just silenty shed tears of love and longing.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 217)

“It can never be an exaggeration then to state that the Master is everything to a true disciple, even more than God.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol, VII p. 217)

“All your concepts and your judgement belong to your mind and have nothing to do with the perfect Master who is beyond the mind.” -Amma (Awakenm Children, Vol VII p. 222)

“A true Mahatma is God himself. He doesn’t need to go to any temple or place of worship, because the place where he dwells is a temple in itself.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 228)

“Attachment to the Guru’s form with a firm awareness of his omniscience and all-pervasive nature is the perfect attitude.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Part 1 p. 92)

“In front of a guru, a disciple should be like a servant in front of his master. The servant has no opinions of his own, only complete obedience to whatever the master says–no opinions at all. ” -Amma (Awaken, Children Part 1 p. 169)

“Always remember that when mother says something it should not be taken lightly. It is the Supreme that makes her speak. Whatever she says must come to pass either in the near or distant future because her words are not her own but are that of the Lord.” – Amma ( Awaken, Children Part 2 p. 96)


One Response to “The Truth About “Amma Makes No Claims””

  1. SW amano srijan Says:

    i went to a darshan of amma in barcelona some days ago…….and there were aloty of uptight people there…looking really angry at me….for seeing through the money making seemd like a business venture run on the smae lines as the L:A church of christ…there was a very long winded video talking about all the good that amma had done……she does have avery powerful enrgy field….I sometimes perceive the auric filed….but her disicples..are kind of like blind robots…with no will of thier own….i ama disciple of Osho…and all of us are very individual and very wild and free….Osho would never tolerate blind obedience..and he never does……only the sanyassin with the utmost intelligence is with ishi…all the rest of the sheeple go to this other gurus….

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