Testimony From Amma’s Former Joint Secretary

Exerpted from messages on the Ex-Amma group, these are allegations by Amma’s former joint secretary that she doctors the financial records.

“I’m enclosing below a statement that was emailed to the Amma satsang groups by one of Amma’s former swamis when he left the organization. He was the Joint Secretary in charge of accounts, administration, banking and investments. He was offered money by the ashram if he would retract what he wrote, but he has courageously stood by his words despite being now under financial pressure. He recently started a wholesale export business for religious and devotional items. The quality and prices of his merchandise seem very good. Anyone interested should check out his website http://www.celextel.com”


“My life of Twenty-Two Years as a Monastic was of never ending struggles in trying to bring the various Spiritual Ideas as Reality in my Life. While attempting to narrow down the gaps between the Ideas and Reality, I finally chose to observe my Life in Reality and had to give up the Ideas that remained unrealistic in my Life.

“Chastity was the main Idea that had failed to become Reality in my Life primarily due to the highly stimulating environment that I was put in.

“Not only in the individual level, but also in the Organization level, I have seen wide gaps when the ideas are put into practice. To narrate a few instances:

“1. Just before the Inauguration of the Hospital at Cochin, we had suggested Amma to declare that Hospital as a Charitable One. But Amma had firmly told us that Amma would declare it as a FREE Hospital as that being Amma’s real intention while establishing the same. Under the Indo-US Agreement, to get the complete waiver of Customs Duty for all the Medical Items to be Imported, the Ashram also has given an Irrevocable Undertaking to the Government of India that the Hospital would provide Medical Treatments at Free of Cost. But in Reality, as everyone here knows, the Ashram Hospital at Cochin is not a Free Hospital; Neither it could be considered to be a Charitable One as Certain Percentage of Beds have not been set aside as Free Ones for the use of Deserving Poor Patients. Many of the Deserving Patients from the Poorest Strata of the Society are turned away by the Hospital; Few of the luckiest ones get Subsidy; Persons from the Middle Class of the Society get affordable Treatment and the Affluent ones get the Treatment at a Competitive Rate. The Math which is a Charitable Trust is not supposed to run the Hospital like a Commercial Establishment as it is doing right now. When would the Ashram make the Hospital at Cochin as a Free or a Charitable One in Reality ?

“2. The Ashram now claims to have completed 15,000 Houses to the Deserving Poor under the current Housing Scheme. In Reality, the Ashram has constructed not more than 7,500 Houses [50%] so for. The Ashram also is claiming to have spent about Rs.28,000/= per House. But in Reality, the cost incurred by the Ashram for each of the House is not more than Rs.14,000/= [50%]. Why are the False Claims ?…

“Let there be Justice to Every-one;
Injustice to No-one !
Let there be Truth Every-where;
Untruth No-where !”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note from Bronte Baxter: The following post came later and is attributable to the same author as the letter above:

“I am the AIMS consultant referred to by xxxxxx in his posting of
four years ago. I still have in my possession the hospital financial
statements and my original interview notes that substantiate
everything mentioned in his posting about AIMS and the
misrepresentation of its charitable work. You should also be aware,
that based on my discussions with AIMS top administrators, all policy
decisions with respect to AIMS were made through the direction of and
with the knowledge and approval of AMMA herself. Others I know who
can also verify this information are afraid to do so out of fear for
their personal safety.

“… Those I know who have spoken out
privately about these matters are residing still in India where
violence and political influence against others is a way of life. I
myself was warned by two saintly swamis in India to keep my mouth
shut soon after I discovered what was happening at AIMS. But as the
bible points out, even the stones will speak out the truth


2 Responses to “Testimony From Amma’s Former Joint Secretary”

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  2. […] seen an email from her former joint-secretary alleging she cooks the books, that the money she gathers for […]

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