Manifesto/About This Website

We are a small group of ex-devotees and concerned family/friends of devotees who wanted to establish a hub for alternative views on the cult surrounding Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma and dubbed “the hugging saint” by the media. Because the media and news surrounding this group is so tightly controlled, we feel it is crucial to assemble alternative viewpoints so that people may make an informed decision.

The image of Amma as it is displayed to the public is that of a benevolent and compassionate “hugging saint”. When one stops to take a closer look, disturbing layers reveal themselves. Layers that are crucial, and are often overlooked by the media. It is our intention to compile these stories and opinions and make them available in a single website. exists to tell the other side of the story-the one that the Ammachi organization works tirelessly to squash. This website also exists to share the stories and concerns of those who have been negatively affected by their involvement with this cult.

This website is an offering of information and an assembly of stories, personal accounts and important questions pertaining to the organization that has built itself up around Mata Amritanandamayi.


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