Amma’s Magazine Bashes Gandhi


1ST QUARTER 2007, VOL 3, NO.1


People like Carl Marx, Mahatma Ghandi, Leo Tolstoy and Albert Einstein
attained great goals in life but not peace within. Some of them were
theists, others were not. But what was common to them was that they
could not develop total faith in another human being, surrender their
egos, and seek a Masters advice in critical situations. Take the case
of Gandhi. He was totally committed to truth and non-violence
throughout his life and finally achieved his life mission of political
freedom for India from the British. During the freedom struggle he had
publicly declared that Britian could divide India into two countries
only over his dead body. But a sect of Muslims who wanted a separate
Islamic Nation instigated riots in some areas at the cost of many
innocent lives. Gandhi was in a great dilemma. If he upheld his
pledge, more people would be killed in riots, and his unyielding
principle of attaining freedom through non-violence would be a farce.
But if he consented to those Muslims, he would have to swallow his
words and give up truth for the sake of preventing a spread of
violence and death.

Gandhi was genuinely devoted to God. He led a pious life and inspired
millions to follow his path without ever holding any official post in
a political party, having no army or cadre under his command, not even
a permanent office structure or place of stay. He never assumed he had
any special or divine powers. He sought answers to problems in deep
prayer and meditation. But sadly, he failed to grasp the great
significance of seeking the guidance of a Self-Realized Master,
especially in a matter that would affect the lives of millions.

Though Gandhii used to read the Gita every day and had even penned a
commentary on it, he missed the fact that Arujna had, in a critical
situation, sought advice not from his consciousness but from his
brother-in-law and bosom friend. He approached Krishna for the first
time as a disciple, and with all humility agrees to follow his advice
explicitly. Krishna convinces him to fight the war to maintain dharma
as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty, without hatred for or
attachment to anyone.

Gandhi, on the other hand, took the momentous decision to give up
truth for the sake of saving the innocent lives of a few, heeding the
small voice of his consciousness. But, when he consented to divide the
country, contrary to his wishes of gaining independence for India
through non-violent means, what happened surpassed any massacre in the
known history of the nation. The tragic story did not end there. Even
today, the killing spree that started then goes on unchecked in the
form of wars and skirmishes between India and Pakistan, as
extermination of Hindus in Kashmir by militant groups, and as threats
of an atomic war loom ominously over the horizon.

Just imagine what would have been the course of history had Gandhi
consulted one of the contemporary Mahatmas who could have foreseen the
outcome of the historic decision. There were many, like Anandamayi
Ma, Maharshi, Nityananda, Narayana Guru, Chattambi Swami, Yogananda
and Mahayogi Aurobindo. He had met most of them and had great respect
for all of them.

The life of Gandhi is a clear example that however high a level of
morality we may maintain, or however sincerely we pray, the inner
voice can be the voice of the ego passing itself as God’s voice. The
knowledge that God is all-pervading cannot save us from sure sorrow
and death unless we drink from the fountain of wisdom…God’s living
human form, which is grace and compassion condensed.

(Article goes on to praise Amma and how blessed we are to have God in
a human body in the form of Amma)

Some questions this article raises:

#1: How do these views reflect in light of Amma having accepted the
Gandhi-King award for non-violence, for which there was much media

#2 The RSS was implicated in the assassination of Gandhi and Ammas
ashram has ties to the RSS. Is there a connection?


One Response to “Amma’s Magazine Bashes Gandhi”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Hmmmm Gandhi i believe was in communication withTolstoy and Yogananda. Slating Ghandi is a bit much, after all it was his efforts which by and large prepared India for being a future super-power

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