AIMS Hospital Horrors

(excerpted from a post on the Ex-Amma forums)

I am extremely disturbed by what I read. No
parent should have to go through such a nightmare. I
hope you are successful in convincing your daughter to
leave this cult. Recently, I had an experience which
was much worse. This god woman runs a hospital in
Kochi in India which is yet another scam. The
following is a brief description of the course of
events …

My dad walked in for a routine health check
up on July 7,2007 at their health clinic and ended up
being convinced by their so called experts that he had
blocked arteries. The cult methodically isolated my
parents from myself and my sister who lives in Chicago
and much against our wishes my dad went in for an
angiogram and they screwed it up royally causing his
kidneys to go in to a shock. A routine test which
nearly proved fatal in his case. The doctor did not
perform a check to see whether he was allergic to the
dye used in the test. They covered this up and kept
telling my mother that it was his age (which was 70 by
the way). After he recovered from this my Dad wanted
to get out of there, but they would not release him
citing his purported heart condition.

Over the next week and half they systematically brainwashed my
mother into getting him to undergo the angioplasty on
August 2, 2007. His operation was scheduled for 2 AM
in the morning on Aug 2. At 10 PM in the night on Aug
5, my mother was urgently called in to the
administrator’s office to discuss my dad’s condition.
She is told he has a leaky valve and they need a
security deposit from her for $3500 to arrange for the
valve and a triple bypass. She was in no state to make
an informed decision, so she handed them the money.
The operation was completed as per schedule and then
the surgeon told her that everything was ‘o.k.’ and
that my dad should be awake in the next 24 to 48 hrs.
She asked him about the valve, and the surgeon
expressed surprise and said there was nothing wrong
with his valves, and went on state that my dad had
20%, 30% and 15% blockage in 3 arteries which did not
actually merit a bypass. An angioplasty would have
sufficed, but they performed a bypass anyway.

My mother then confronted him with the security deposit
bill she was charged for the heart valve replacement
and the surgeon got irritated and told her to pick up
the matter with the hospital accounts department in
the morning. She went their first thing in the morning
and was told that they figured out the error but she
would not get the refund as it had been donated to the
amrita hospital trust which performs free surgery for
needy patients. My mother says it is a noble cause but
does agree the manner in which the donation was made
on her behalf and that too by deceit. They told her
they will look into it once the final bill is settled.
In the meanwhile my dad’s condition worsened and he
died due to post surgical complications.

My sister and i were enroute to Kochi from San Jose and Chicago
respectively when the death occured. My sister had a
GSM phone with her so she got the news while in
transit in Gatwick airport, so she immediately
starting pressing the hospital for a post mortem. She
was told it would be done. They embalmed the body
instead of performing the postportem. My sister
expressed dismay that the post mortem was conveniently
skipped. I was oblivious of all this since i was
boarding a flight out of Singapore while all of this
transpired. My sister wanted to visually inspect the
body but found it impossible since the whole body was
covered in a tape, like a mummy. Due to Hindu
religious beliefs she could not convince our family
members to undo the covering. My sister was alerted by
a colleague of hers at Smalley Bearings in Chicago
about organ donation racket that was associated with
this cult’s hospital. Her colleague wanted her to
visually inspect his back for any signs of kidney
removal. We have been trying to uncover what actually
transpired which a sent a man visiting a health clinic
to his death. At every step of the way we are
continuously being stonewalled by this cult and the
hospital. The hospital staff is totally uncooperative.
We are yet to see the refund for the heart valve which
was never replaced. We did not even get a breakdown of
the procedures done and none of the medical records
have been made available to either to us till date.

We are planning to take legal action here in California
and Illinois since Amrita hospital trust has an arm
here in Pleasanton California. Again my sympathies are
with you and sincerely hope that you get your daughter
back soon where she belongs. I know how difficult it
is to cope with a loved one’s loss.

S. R. Nathan
San Jose, California


2 Responses to “AIMS Hospital Horrors”

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  2. There is fraud in the Hindu world as well as the Christian!!

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