A Critical Look At The Biography Of Amma Part III

Dear Readers,

This (part 3) is my final rendition of ‘a critical look’.

Swami Amritasvarupananda is Sudhamani’s aka Amritanandamayi’s
disciple only. He is one of her chief disciples. His rendition of his
story of Sudhamani’s magnificence sounds more like Yogananda’s
(autobiography of a yogi) version in which he is helped through to
get a college degree.

The more I read this book of his, the more it occurs to me that all
this is just a cheap scam of imitation to attract fortunes and boy,
have they succeeded.

Let us now shift our attention to Chapter twelve, the cheesiest
section of the book. In it Sudhamani’s omnipresence, omniscience and
omni-whatever is presented to the readers. It is really mind boggling
though, coming to think of it.

a) claims of all-knowing, page 208, chapter 12:

” Sheeja is a seven year old girl to whom the Holy mother gave the
pet name ‘takali’ which means ‘tomato’. Once she cherished an intense
desire in her innocent young heart praying, “O God, if only I were
fortunate enough to wear the crown which Amma wears during Krishna
Bhava, I would be so happy!” But she knew that the fulfilment of her
wish was all but impossible.

That year during Lord Krishna’s birthday celebrations Takkali came to
the ashram. Ma who was waiting at the jetty, took her to the ashram.
There a group of children, dressed in colorful costumes, were
preparing for a folk dance portraying Krishna’s childhood sports in
Vrindavan. Mother took Takkali into the temple and dressed her in
beautiful clothes and finally put her Krishna crown on Takkali’s
head. Now she looked like Krishna when he was a child! Placing her in
the middle of the other children, Mother asked them to dance around
her. Takkali was thrilled at her good fortune. Her dreams have come
true. Even without being asked, Mother had understood her innocent
wish and fulfilled it. God knows and fulfills the longing of the pure
in heart. ”

So there you have it. Sudhamani’s claim to godhood by being able to
grant the wish of a seven year old child.

b) claims to be even present in a photo:

” Nambisseri Bhargavi Amma was an ardent devotee of lord Krishna, who
had appeared to her one day in a dream saying, “You are burning me
up.” She hadn’t understood the meaning of the Lord’s statements.
Shortly after the vision, she came to Holy Mother’s ashram. During
Krishna Bhava the Mother told Bhargavi Amma, “You have locked Me in
the cupboard, so you are burning Me up.” Suddenly she realized the
meaning, the portrait of Sri Krishna which she had worshipped for a
long time was locked in the cupboard. Some time ago, when she had
gone to stay with her daughter, she had locked the portrait in the
cupboard to protect it from insects. Bhargavi had forgotten to
retrieve it and to resume worship when she returned. Hearing these
words she had no doubts that the Holy Mother is Lord Krishna Himself.”

The irony is for such a forgetful one as Nambisseri Bhargavi Amma to
be called an ardent devotee.

c) claims to be all knowing including scientific knowledge, page 214,
chapter 12:

….after a short pause she (bindu’s mom) said, “Bindu’s experience
while taking her exams is still more wonderful.” The devotee’s
curiosity was aroused, and he begged Bindu to tell what happened.
“Of all the subjects I had to study,” she said, “chemistry and
physics were too difficult for me to grasp. I was really perplexed
when I received the exam on science. Sitting in the examination hall,
I sincerely prayed to the Holy Mother to help me. The next moment I
was startled to see the Mother to be sitting beside me. I thought
that my eyes were playing tricks, so I looked again; the Mother was
really sitting next to me. Nobody else in the examination hall seemed
to be able to see her. Again, I had the feeling that it must be a
hallucination or projection of my own mind. The next moment, as if to
convince me, Mother talked to me. She encouraged me and explained how
to answer the difficult questions. The same thing happened the next
day as well. The Mother came and sat beside me everyday, instructing
me how to answer the difficult questions from the first day of the
examinations until the last. When the results were announced, I was
even more surprised to see that I passed, scoring high marks than I
have expected.”

Truly this is the most damning evidence I have ever read. If
Sudhamani could explain physics and mathematics without ever going to
school, then for sure she could speak any language without being
taught, this as we know is naught, she needs an interpreter.

The irony which escapes swami amrita by writing this piece of mumbo
jumbo is the blatant cheating in public examinations. If this were to
happen with others noticing surely Bindu would have been kicked out.
This is the just plain cheating. Bindu by her own words can’t believe
it she passed, which goes to show that she is basically a dud head. By
allowing a person to cheat in exams Sudhamani is equally guilty of
this act. It does not become justified just because others did not
notice it. If this goes on at a higher level we will have less
qualified doctor, engineers and accountants in influential positions.
This is one of the biggest disservices which can be done.

Basically it shows the power crazed attitude of Sudhamani and lack of
ethics. This is what is portrayed of her in these concocted stories.

Initially Sudhamani talks about karmic retributions in which one
reaps according to what one sows; this applied to Subhagan her
brother- in a distorted context though. Now however, she allows her
stupid disciple to cheat though she deserves to fail by not putting
enough effort to master the subject of chemistry and physics.

This just goes on to show the dual nature of Sudhamani’s ‘justice’.

d) ability to bring back life, page 224, chapter 12:

“…..the child had suddenly become acutely ill and had died before
any medical aid could be summoned. An uproar had arisen in the
house….immediately a blaze of lightning flashed near the body of
Nalini’s son. Within a few seconds, the child had come back to life,
as if he were waking up after a deep sleep.

e) ability to transfer death to domestic animals. This happens to one
Kunjamma who is convinced of her son’s predestined death via snake
bite which was predicted through the horoscope. She seeks out
Sudhamani who merely assures the death will be transfered to one of
her domestic animals. Page 223, chapter 12:

“….though she felt sad about her dog’s death, she suddenly
remembered the Holy Mother’s words: “Your son’s death will be
transferred to one of your domestic animals.” Her heart was flooded
with gratitude to the Mother. This incident occured during the very
period when her son was supposed to die. Full of love and reverence,
Kunjamma saluted the Holy Mother mentally. Her faith in the Mother
was greatly strengthened by this gift of grace. Her son is still
alive and is leading a happy life with the blessing of the Holy

Apart from the above there are other stories of Sudhamani’s ability
of finding a long lost child, transporting herself in a multitude of
places, attacking troublemakers with ‘balls of fire’ and all the
other fantasy stories we read in fairy tales associated with her.
Even Harry Potter pales in comparison to her.

e) ability to grant children to barren women, this is termed
as ‘manasa putrans’ or children born out of mother’s sankalpa
(thought or will power). One Mr Vidyadharan and his wife Omana were
deeply grieved to have a child for nine years. Sudhamani grants
them ‘manasa putran’ and Omana carries. Let us read the rest, from
page 246, chapter 13:

” When she was four months pregnant, she saw a doctor who confirmed
the foetus was healthy. In nine months she was examined and was
astonished to hear the doctor report she was not pregnant! The most
surprising thing was that her belly had remained enormous.”

The couple we are told went to other doctors just to be confirmed the
same. But the inevitable happens, read on.

“At last one doctor, a specialist in gynecology, took an X-ray of
the mother’s womb and was surprised to see dense smoke on the film
instead of a fetus…..

Finally one day in the sixteenth month, the Holy Mother directed
Omana’s family to take her to the hospital….

After much discussion, they (the surgeons) decided on surgery. The C-
section revealed a fully grown healthy infant in the womb….

Named Shakti Prasad (Blessing of supreme energy), by the Holy Mother,
he began meditating and chanting mantras when he was barely three.”

Thus ends one of the biggest mysteries told by Sudhamani. Not only
she implies the blessing of supreme energy aka Sudhamani to beget
children, even gynecologists in Kerala have a most unheard practice.
That is using X-Ray, a harmful procedure for pregnant mothers (and
which according to medical ethics cannot be used on them). The
diagnostic procedure to rule out malignant and false pregnancies is
not by using X-ray. But swami amrita just got the stories screwed up.
This is because of the story itself is concocted.

There are a list of children which are born through Sudhamani’s
blessings. Let us hear her own rendering of this mysterious act. Page
253, chapter 13:

” During meditation, a power emits from me and enters into the
mother’s womb, and in this way they become pregnant. Some of these
children will become perfect sannyasins. Others will lead family
life. Whatever they may be, they all will turn to spirituality.”
Hearing this truth, many mothers of these children were dismayed to
think that after some years they would lose their sons to the service
of mankind. Therefore, Mother promised them another child who would
fulfill all the expectations that parents usually have for their
children, that they marry and lead a householder’s life. Within the
next few years, all of these mothers were blessed with another
child. ”

Thus Sudhamani’s sheds light on her mysterious ability which
unfortunately is not and will never get to be scrutinized by real
scientists, thus adding no value for human understanding of the
nature of life and death.

That is all my dear readers, to read the rest of the crap you have to
get the book itself.

The final conclusion of reading the book just shows Sudhamani the
actor who has fooled the world believing her to be god. But upon
close scrutiny, the truth stands to be revealed. And the truth
doesn’t give a damn whether its the next door average Joe or the so
called mighty Amritanandamayi.

Yours sincerely,



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